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Only 58km. from international airport Burgas and 2 kilometers from our property, with a sunbathing resort beach in between, lies the town Tsarevo; the administrative, cultural, and tourist center of the much larger Tsarevo municipality in south-east Bulgaria. The town is located right on  peninsulas with  picturesque bays and near Strandzha Mountain and the enormous Strandzha (Strandja) nature park. Today Tsarevo is among the most visited south Black sea resorts with two long beaches in the areas of Arapya and Nestinarka and many small  sandy beaches.

The coastline has small pretty beaches with fine sand and tranquil waters. The season starts at the beginning of May and it continues all the way until October. During summer months the air temperature gets as high as 35 C and the water reaches around 26 C , Black Sea coast has nearly 300 days of sunshine each year.

Papiya peak is located to the south of the town. It is 502 m above sea level providing a stunning view of Tsarevo town and the sea shore at the foot of Strandzha Mountain.

There is a great variety of beaches along the coastline,
a large open beach with resort complexes on one side of our property (a small private beach on the other side);
a cozy medium size beach right at the center of Tsarevo town as seen on the picture secluded by a cliff covered with trees;
several small beaches along the peninsulas.
various hidden cliff areas and jump spots.

Driving further you can visit some of Strandzha’s naturepark untouched beaches, Lozenets town lounge beaches, nudist beaches, or take a boat trip from Tsarevo harbor along the coast.

Tsarevo Harbor
The first harbor build in the southern half of Bulgaria, right next to the town center. Since 1995 it is recognized as an international harbor.

It has two navigational lighthouses. A 3.8 m depth immediately next to the quay wall and increasing progressively. Room for yachts, motorboats and small passenger ships.

There is a diving center to refill your equipment and provide excursions and information of the area.

Strandzha Nature park

Strandja tourist guides

Although Strandzha Nature Park is an area the size of London, no more than 7000 people live in these low mountains. The villages are surrounded by meadows and pastures full of wild flowers and butterflies. The West of the park consists of extensive karst terrain, with steep limestone cliffs, many mineral springs and complex cave systems.

Strandzha is Bulgaria’s largest and most varied nature park.
in the middle of the nature park the landscape is dominated by extensive beech and oak forest. And there is also the lush valley of the Veleka river. The Veleka is one of the cleanest and unspoilt rivers in Eastern Europe.

There are many remains of megalithic and Roman culture in the park, as well as relicts of the Greek and Ottoman empires.

It has the richest vertebrate fauna among all protected areas in Bulgaria — 410 species, not counting 70 species of marine fishes and Strandzha is situated on Via Pontica, the second-largest bird migratory route in Europe.

The unique combination of sea, mountains, rivers, exotic flora and fauna along with the local Strandzha customs and traditions provide plenty of opportunity for a truly fulfilling holiday, filled with the magic of the region. Once you get to know this tourist destination you are certain to return to it again and again.


Tsarevo is a well known tourist destination in Bulgaria and therefore offers all kinds of activities.

It has the usual Beach lounging, restaurants and nightclubs. Many of the resorts house their own activities to entertain the guests. A beautiful boulevard guides you along scenic views of the seabays and cliffs with benches to sit on and admire the view. It also promotes a safe and family friendly environment with a modern build childrens playground, kids menus, lifeguards posted on the beaches, frequent maintenance of the area etc.

  • Diving center in Tsarevo town with excursions.
  • has its own harbor – sailing, windsurfing.

Bulgarian cultural performances such as fire-dancers spectacles, Bulgarian music, Mehana restaurant, Bulgarian food and drink.

Strandzha activities: