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 Apartments prices and conditions for a purchase:
The pre-sale of the apartments at Sea Hill Village in Tsarevo has been launched in october 2015.
The prices of apartments in the complex range from 950 to 1600 Euro/sq.m, depending on the stage of construction, type and location of the apartment, payment method.
The apartments consists of 2 or 3 rooms were living room with kitchenette, bathroom, second toilet room, 2 balconies with beautiful sea views at each apartment. Available partly furnished, with air conditioning.

A new frontier

Bulgaria has seen a rapid growth in property values since the 2000’s and serious development of it’s Black Sea coastal areas and investment into tourism that continues to this day.

After the banking crisis of 2009 the property values dropped in line with many other countries and the political struggles between the E.U and Russia around 2013-14 caused a dip in Russian tourism.
However we are now seeing the market recovering with property price  steadily rising over the past years and 6% in 2015.  Bulgaria is easing visa requirements and offering competitively low prices to grow the appeal among  tourists.

“Bulgarian Tourism Sector Forecasts 8.5% Growth in 2015”

Now is a good opportunity to invest and so we have started building our first apartment this year which we will use to showcase our apartment and property to future clients.


Appealing prices

Holidaying in Bulgaria is 15 to 20 percent cheaper compared with popular European summer destinations such as Greece, Italy and Spain with prices at Bulgarian resorts comparable to those in Egypt.

  • flat tax rate of 10%
  • Corporate income tax is also a flat 10%
  • Value-Added Tax applies at a flat rate of 20% on virtually all goods and services.
    A lower rate of 9% applies on hotel services

discounted prices for pre-build apartments with the added bonus of customization.

South-East Black Sea resort

The property is situated on the South-East Coast of Bulgaria, The seaside around Tsarevo is the sunniest part in Bulgaria, with the greatest number of sunny days, around 300. These splendid conditions place the area among the most beautiful and preferred holiday spots in the country.

Lozenets town, a popular destination for Famous Bulgarian film stars, musicians, athletes and other celebrities lies next to Tsarevo town 6km away.

Strandzha nature park, the largest protected area in Bulgaria and the best spot for nature enthusiasts.

Top grade property

Our property is on one of the three peninsulas of Tsarevo town. A peninsula is a part of land that is projecting out into the Sea and because of that you not only have a view of the Sea but also of the coastline and its beaches.
The property is right at the sea, a so called front-line or first line property, which means stunning views of the Black Sea and no travel time for your morning dip.

The land of our property includes a tiny beach that can be used as a quick entry point for divers or a private lounge area.

On the left side of the peninsula you can walk down the stairs to the main beach that is used by the large resort hotels.


Our apartments have been designed by a well established Bulgarian architectural bureau ensuring that regulations and standards are properly met according to Bulgarian, European Union and local law aswell as aesthetically in line with local taste.
The construction being carried out by a local construction company which has build in Tsarevo town some of the larger restaurants, apartments, guaranteeing a quality finished product.

Each apartment can be sold separately and customized with your choice of amenities and interior design.

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